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Otrigrammatos is a Byzantine Iconography studio that has been in business since 2002. We specialize in several visual arts disciplines, but mostly our focus is the Byzantine iconography art. It is a choice based on many key non-casual moments that led to this wonderful path. Not only as a visual art but also as a spiritual art, iconography, in its complexity, powerfully conveys through symbolism our Christian history and tradition.

For over 25 years’ experience in iconography have brought not only what we offer (i.e. high quality execution of portable Icons and frescos, dedication and longevity due to the materials and methods we apply), but also research and study in theology, history, symbolism, teachings and numerous collaborations with some of the most renowned iconographers in the field of Byzantine iconography.

We are proud and happy to be a part of this wonderful Ecclesiastical Art through which we express, build, learn, discover, become better and offer Icons which then become part of Ecclesiastical Institutions, your families and your environments by thus contributing to the transmission of values ​​and traditions for a higher quality in our social and spiritual levels.

Iconography is much more than a profession for us. It is closely related to our lives, our day to day, our emotions and our feelings, thus making us a single body in this divine communication with God.

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Kyriakos Kosova

Iconograph Painter. Lives and works between Greece, Italy & USA.

Iconography & Interior Design

Evis Kallfa

Architect. Lives and works in Italy.

Architecture & Design Degree

Dimitrios Ginos

Iconograph Painter. Lives and works in Greece.

Fine Arts Degree